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Скачать Continued Fractions (Encyclopedia of mathematics) бесплатно

Continued Fractions
Longman Higher Education | 1981-02-05 | ISBN: 0201135108 | 428 pages | DjVu | 3,4 MB

A thorough treatment of continued fractions (CF) in the complex plane; the book works to straddle the theoretical and algorithmic aspects of this time-honored subject. Treatment of CF in real numbers needs more exposition. The notation, a problem in CF texts, generally standard and readable.

There is sufficient theoretical treatment of families type C- J- T- g- Fractions. Also, the interesting relationships between CF and analytic functions is considered in useful detail.

Algorithms are strong and presented in adequate detail. However, the book is most notably weak in worked examples -- essential when attempting to code and test algorithms.

Overall the book is one of the best treatments of CF in a number of years, but then again books on this subject are rare in the first place. A must have book for the number theorist or algorithmatian.

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