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Скачать Gale Encyclopedia of United States Economic History бесплатно

Gale Encyclopedia of United States Economic History
Thomson Gale | 1999-12 | ISBN: 0787638889 | 1187 pages | PDF | 19 MB

Gale Encyclopedia of U.S. Economic History is designed to answer key student questions such as how has the U.S. Constitution shaped the economy in the United States or what were the consequences of Prohibition on consumers' behavior?
The Encyclopedia presents 1,000 alphabetically arranged entries that range from one paragraph to several pages in length. Look for:
Era Overviews provide broad introductions with sidebars that detail typical industries, wages and living conditions Event/Movement Profiles profile specific developments (Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire, Pullman strike, the antitrust movement, etc.)
Biographies offer convenient access to information on businesspersons, theorists, politicians, social reformers and others Business/Industry Profiles offers details on companies and industries as well as their effects on daily life and social history. Most include sources for further study Issue Profiles discuss key social areas such as child labor, women in the workforce and immigrants' role in U.S. economics Geographic Profiles cover the history of the colonies and states and includes details on immigration and development of local industry.
Additional features include entries on concepts and terms, entry-specific list of further reading, more than 200 illustrations, a timeline and chronological table of contents and a general alphabetical index.

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