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Скачать Korean War Reference Library бесплатно

Korean War Reference Library
U·X·L | 2001-10-22 | ISBN: 0787656917 | 200 pages | PDF | 8,5 MB

The Almanac and Primary Sources volume has 13 chapters in the "Almanac" section and 12 documents in the "Primary Sources" section. The 13 chapters provide an overview of the war, its causes, major battles, and the peace process. The 12 documents include excerpts from speeches, memoirs, oral histories, reports, and government documents including the "Bridge at No Gun Ri: Survivors' Petition," Mao Zedong's "Nuclear Weapons Are Paper Tigers," and Harry S. Truman's "President's Address: Korean War Dismissal of General Douglas MacArthur." For each document, important background information is provided, and the document's impact on its author and audience is explored. A glossary in the margin defines terms, people, and ideas.

The Biographies volume profiles 25 people who played pivotal roles in the Korean War, including generals such as Mark W. Clark and Douglas MacArthur and leaders such as Kim II Sung, Mao, Truman, and Syngman Rhee. Arranged alphabetically, each entry offers a black-and-white portrait, birth and death dates and places, occupation, brief summary of the early years, emphasis on the person's work and involvement in the Korean War, and a short "Where to Learn More" list of resources.

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Almanac and Primary Sources




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