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Скачать Encyclopedia of World Poverty, 3 Volume Set бесплатно

Encyclopedia of World Poverty
Sage Publications, Inc | 2006-05-16 | ISBN: 1412918073 | 1500 pages | PDF | 56,5 MB

SAGE Reference is proud to announce the Encyclopedia of World Poverty. The Encyclopedia of World Poverty is an outstanding reference for academic and public libraries and is a welcome addition to any NGOs and charities resource centre.

This encyclopedia is a collection of 750 articles in three volumes exploring the causes, history, and enduring effects of poverty.

The scope of this encyclopedia encompasses the relative individual and societal aspects of poverty, from living on GBP486 a year in Nigeria to poverty-relief efforts in Appalacia. Additionally, the Encyclopedia examines the insitituions that focus on the alleviation of poverty, including religious charities and the global organizations such as the United Nations.

This Three-Volume Set contains approximately 150 biographies; 200 profiles of nations and their respective poverty levels and social porgrams; 200 story, event or historical period descriptions; and 200 thematic essays.

Enjoy this great book! Brought to you by SMIRK

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