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Скачать Collins English Dictionary and Thesaurus бесплатно

Collins “Collins English Dictionary and Thesaurus"
Collins | 2000-11-06 | ISBN: 0004725026 | EXE | 1424 pages | 21,3 Mb

Collins's English Dictionary and Thesaurus provides instant access to over 200,000 definitions and 340,000 synonyms and antonyms.

• Fast and simple user interface
• Full text and anagram searches
• History list for reviewing your entries
• Easy cross-referencing between Dictionary and Thesaurus

This title offers instant dictionary access to 200,000 definitions and over 340,000 synonyms and antonyms. Includes: 14,000 new and updated entries; etymologies; pronunciations; examples of words in use; in-depth information on how to use words appropriately, and more.

There is a 340,000-word thesaurus which includes antonyms.

Definitions search to find a word when you only know its definition, or have a vague idea of what it means

Browse function lets you look through the entire dictionary or thesaurus one word at a time.

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