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Скачать St. James Encyclopedia of Labor History Worldwide Edition (2 vol. set) бесплатно

Daniel Nelson (ed.) “St. James Encyclopedia of Labor History Worldwide Edition (2 vol. set) "
St. James Press | 2003-08-18 | ISBN:1558625429 | PDF | 1200 pages | 25,2 Mb

The 2-vol. St. James Encyclopedia of Labor History Worldwide provides in-depth analysis of more than 300 key events in labor history over the last 200 years, focusing on the relevance of these events to both the labor movement as a whole and to societal changes around the world. Each entry, written and signed by an expert in the field, is three to five pages in length and includes a description of the event, information about the key players involved and discusses the event in historical context. Events covered include:
Abolition of Slavery
Anarchists Lead Argentine Labor Movement
Chartist Movement
Equal Pay Act
Equal Rights Amendment
Grape Pickers' Strike
Great Steel Strike
Japanese Labor Unions Dissolved
March on Washington Movement
Minimum Wage Movement
North American Free Trade Agreement
Occupational Safety and Health Act
Syndicalist Movement
PATCO Strike
Triangle Shirtwaist Fire
And many others

Additional features include alphabetical and chronological tables of contents; 300 photographs, maps and illustrations; a glossary; a bibliography; and a subject index.

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