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Скачать Science, Religion, And Society: An Encyclopedia of History, Culture, And Controversy (2 volume set) бесплатно

Science, Religion, And Society
M.E. Sharpe | 2006-10 | ISBN: 0765680645 | 419 pages | PDF | 46 MB

The intersection of science and religion through the ages, in various cultures, and in the present are the topics of the essays of this 2-volume reference. Written by academics and other specialists worldwide, the 86 essays are grouped into the broad topics of general overview; historical perspectives; creation, the cosmos, and the origins of the universe; the natural world; consciousness, mind, and the brain; healers and healing; death and dying; and genetics and religion. Each of these sections begins with a general introduction to the topic. A sampling of essay titles includes Taoist contributions to science in China, science in the classical Hindu world, African cosmologies, neurotheology, Navajo spirituality, and near death experiences.

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