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Скачать The Facts on File Encyclopedia of Health And Medicine (Volumes 1-4) бесплатно

The Facts on File Encyclopedia of Health And Medicine
Facts on File | 2006-11-30 | ISBN: 0816060630 | 1765 pages | PDF | 10,8 MB

• Volume 1 presents the sensory and structural body systems that allow the body to engage with its surroundings and the external environment.

• Volume 2 presents the cell- and fluid-based body systems that transport nutrients, remove molecular wastes, and provide protection from infection.

• Volume 3 presents the biochemical body systems that support cellular functions.

• Volume 4 presents topics that apply across body systems (such as "Fitness: Exercise and Health") or that address broad areas within health care (such as “Preventive Medicine”).

• The appendixes provide supportive or additional reference information (such as "Appendix X: Immunization and Routine Examination Schedules").

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