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Скачать 100 Strangest Mysteries бесплатно

Matt Lamy “100 Strangest Mysteries"
Barnes & Noble | May 2007 | ISBN:0760791929 | PDF | 201 pages | 24,6 Mb

Were the Amityville hauntings cynical media manipulation? Is levitation possible? Has Earth been visited by UFOs from other realms? All these questions, and more, are considered in 100 Strangest Mysteries. Paranormal investigator Matt Lamy documents in detail the numerous phenomena and events which can be termed 'mysterious' and cannot be dismissed as mere hysteria or wild imaginings.

Divided into themed sections, the book includes:

The Beast of Bodmin — whether it is an escaped exotic pet, a feral cat or something more sinister, it certainly causes concern for inhabitants of its local area
Area 51 — conspiracy theorists believe it is a centre for the U.S. government's investigations into UFO activity, whilst others consider it to be 'only' a military air base
Ley lines and other energy fields — are they sacred sites going back thousands of years or modern New Age notions?
The Holy Grail — dismissed by organized religion, thought by some to have been a chalice brought to Britain by Joseph, many consider it to be nothing more than a romantic Arthurian legend


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