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Скачать Black's Medical Dictionary, 41st Edition (Black's Medical Dictionary) бесплатно

 Black's Medical Dictionary, 41st Edition

Black's Medical Dictionary, 41st Edition (Black's Medical Dictionary)
Publisher: The Scarecrow Press | 2006-04-25 | 768 pages | ISBN: 0810857138 | 21 MB | PDF | Rapidshare&Megaupload

AThe 41st edition of this worldwide best-selling medical reference book presents more than 5,000 definitions and descriptions of medical terms and concepts, along with more than 100 diagrams and drawings including 16 pages of color illustrations. It includes updated and revised material on topics such as apoptosis, autism, prostheses, suicide, and transfusion. The 41st edition is an invaluable reference for a wide audience- from health care professionals and journalists to attorneys and interested consumers.

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