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Скачать Dictionary of Travel, Tourism and Hospitality бесплатно

S. Medlik "Dictionary of Travel, Tourism and Hospitality"
Butterworth-Heinemann | 2003-02-04 | ISBN:0750656506 | 288 pages | PDF | 1,5 Mb

This new edition combines within two covers:
* A dictionary of 2500 terms
* Descriptions of 300 organizations
* A biographical dictionary of 100 personalities
* Explanations of 1200 acronyms and abbreviations
* Key data for well over 200 countries
* A concise bibliography listing more than 100 useful sources of further information

The author's long and wide experience of these fields makes this an indispensable companion for students and teachers, and those employed in relevant businesses and organizations, as well as for the travellers, tourists and guests who are the raison d'tre of it all.

Includes more than 4000 entries, with over 1000 of them new to this edition
Profiles 100 outstanding personalities connected with travel, tourism and hospitality
Describes 300 international and national organisations, with data from over 200 countries

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