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Скачать Encyclopedia of Diagnostic Imaging бесплатно

 Encyclopedia of Diagnostic Imaging

Encyclopedia of Diagnostic Imaging
Publisher: Springer | 2008-01 | 1966 pages | ISBN: 3540352783 | 44.71 MB | PDF | Rapidshare&Megaupload

The aim of this comprehensive encyclopedia is to provide detailed information on diagnostic radiology contributing to the broad field of imaging. The wide range of entries in the Encyclopedia of Diagnostic Imaging are written by leading experts in the field. They will provide basic and clinical scientists in academia, practice, as well as industry, with valuable information about the field of diagnostic imaging, but also people in related fields, students, teachers, and interested laypeople will benefit from the important and relevant information on the most recent developments of imaging.

The Encyclopedia of Diagnostic Imaging will contain around 4.000 entries in two volumes, and published simultaneously online. The entire field has been divided into 16 sections each consisting of approximately 30 fully structured essays and 150 short definitions. All entries will be arranged in alphabetical order with extensive cross-referencing between them.

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