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Скачать The Dictionary of Homeland Security and Defense бесплатно

Margaret R O'Leary, "The Dictionary of Homeland Security and Defense"
iUniverse, Inc. (January 10, 2006) | ISBN:0595378196 | 546 pages | PDF | 2,9 Mb

The Dictionary of Homeland Security and Defense confronts the scourge of terrorism with the greatest weapon of all: knowledge. The Dictionary of Homeland Security and Defense adds value to the world’s terrorism literature by collecting, organizing, and defining for the first time in one place thousands of high-profile words and terms. These words and terms cover the gamut of concepts, places, individuals, groups, organizations, and programs involved in securing and defending the American homeland from terrorism’s explosive intrusion.

Author Dr. Margaret R. O’Leary brings over twenty years of experience as an educator, dictionary editor, and physician to the compilation of The Dictionary of Homeland Security and Defense. Terrorism touches everyone’s lives. The Dictionary of Homeland Security and Defense brings to life
Spine-tingling concepts, such as breeder documents, demonstration effect, postulated threat, and taqiya.
Notorious terrorists, such as Sayyid Qtub and Ayman Zawahiri.
Infamous terrorist groups, such as Hezbollah, Islamic Egyptian Jihad, and al-Qaeda.
Action-oriented organizations, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the US Northern Command, and the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.
Secure defense locations, such as Cheyenne Mountain.
Innovative counter-terrorism programs, such as TOPOFF 3 and BioWatch programs.

The Dictionary of Homeland Security and Defense is the seminal lexical resource for students, homeland security and defense professionals, and all concerned American citizens searching for word tools to defeat the hostile and destructive forces that threaten the security and freedom of Americans in their homeland.

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