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Скачать The Leadership Lexicon бесплатно

Rick Bellingham, William O'Brien, "The Leadership Lexicon"
HRD Press, Inc. (May 1, 2005) | ISBN:0874258553 | 206 pages | PDF | 1,3 Mb

This handbook is perfect for busy leaders with little time on the job to devote to improving their effectiveness. It’s packed with concrete behaviors for becoming the type of leader others follow—more than 500 skills and 1,500 actionable suggestions that can be put to use immediately. The authors provide a new model of leadership based on five essentials that compel people to follow. To be effective, leaders must be able to: • identify opportunities and threats • build the programs and teams required to meet those challenges • drive for results These three competencies must be grounded by two remaining essentials of leadership: • Character • Commitment Chapter one focuses on how to analyze conditions and possibilities, establish the right mind-set, develop the plan and priorities, and make hard decisions. Chapter two addresses the challenge of building individual, team, organizational, and customer competencies. Chapter three examines how to apply skills, manage for results, and achieve profitability. The book contains page after page of tips and strategies: • over 100 competencies required for extraordinary leadership—from strategic thinking and resource planning to business writing, involving employees and beyond • 5–10 skills required for proficiency in each competency • 3–5 development suggestions for each skill that will improve the ability to lead

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