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Скачать Dictionary of Information Science and Technology (2-Volume Set) бесплатно

Mehdi Khosrowpour, "Dictionary of Information Science and Technology (2-Volume Set)"
IGI Global (December 6, 2006) | ISBN:1599043858 | 1016 pages | PDF | 29,6 Mb

The Dictionary of Information Science and Technology is the premier, comprehensive reference source compiled of the latest terms and definitions related to all aspects of the information science and technology field. This complete and timely collection of approximately 10,000 terms and acronyms provides researchers, practitioners, educators, and students with the most accurate and up-to-date knowledge of keywords in the ever-expanding world of information science and technology. Terms and definitions included in this important reference publication were contributed by over 2,500 noted researchers from over 40 countries. There is no single definition in existence for each element of the vocabulary, so individual researchers have formed distinctive descriptions of the terminology, providing a much more meaningful and broader understanding of each term. The Dictionary of Information Science and Technology is a valuable, essential reference publication for libraries and individuals worldwide.

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