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Скачать ASTM Dictionary of Engineering Science & Technology бесплатно

American Society for Testing and Materials, "ASTM Dictionary of Engineering Science & Technology"
ASTM International; 10 edition (December 1, 2005) | ISBN:0803142463 | 670 pages | PDF | 16,7 Mb

The new 10th edition includes over 7,000 new terms! This EXPANDED and HEAVILY REVISED edition contains all 29,000 standard definitions referenced in all ASTM terminology standards. One easy-to-use volume helps you: • Discover terms and definitions not commonly found in most dictionaries. • Make faster, better use of ASTM standards. • Learn how particular technical fields use their terminology. Each definition: • Was written by technical experts in their field. • Reflects the sense in which that field uses the term. • Provides a clear and precise explanation of each term • Includes the designation of the ASTM standard in which it is referenced and the ASTM committee that developed the standard. Audience: A valuable reference tool for anyone involved with scientific and technical research and applications.

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