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Скачать Arts and Humanities through the Eras - All 5 Volumes (Repost) бесплатно

Arts and Humanities through the Eras - All 5 Volumes (Repost)
Various Authors | Thomson Gale | PDF | 68.59 MB | 2432 pages | 2004| ISBN: 0787693847

SEEING HISTORY FROM A DIFFERENT ANGLE. An education in history involves more than facts concerning the rise and fall of kings, the conquest of lands, and the major battles fought between nations. While these events are pivotal to the study of any time period, the cultural aspects are of equal value in understanding the development of societies. Various forms of literature, the philosophical ideas developed, and even the type of clothes worn in a particular era provide important clues about the values of a society, and when these arts and humanities are studied in conjunction with political and historical events a more complete picture of that society is revealed. This inter-disciplinary approach to studying history is at the heart of the Arts and Humanities Through the Eras project.

This reference work aims to expose the reader to an in-depth perspective on a particular era in history through the study of nine different arts and humanities topics:

• Architecture and Design
• Dance
• Fashion
• Literature
• Music
• Philosophy
• Religion
• Theater
• Visual Arts


Ancient Egypt (2675 B.C.E.–332 B.C.E.)
Ancient Greece and Rome (1200 B.C.E.–476 C.E.)
Medieval Europe (814–1450)
Renaissance Europe (1300–1600)
The Age of the Baroque and Enlightenment (1600–1800)

This book is assembled in a PDF package format, When you first open it , you will initially see the cover sheet of the package. You need Adobe Reader 7.0 or above to view the whole file correctly. On the upper side of the window you will notice the PDF Package Navigation Bar, Click on "View left" and you will see the whole volumes. Click on any of them and start reading.


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