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Скачать Oxford Collocations Dictionary for Students of English by Diana Lea бесплатно

Oxford Collocations Dictionary for Students of English by Diana Lea (Editor)
912 pages | Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA (December 3, 2002) | English | ISBN: 0194312437 | CHM 4.9 MB

A completely new type of dictionary that will help students write and speak natural-sounding English.

Reader's review:First of all, I only had a vague idea what the book was about. Once, I got the book, my opionion of it was not so fantastic as other reviewers had put it. It does do what it says by showing example sentences of how to use the words with other words, mostly by adding adverbs or adjectives in front of the subject word. The 'dictionary' has very few definitions. Only when multiple meanings exist, it defines it, making it real cumbersome if you do not know the definition. But, that occurs only seldomly, because, there are only 9000 words in the book. So most of the words are familiar words. (Elementary level dictionary contains at least 50,000 words.)

I would presume this book would be ideal for foreign students who have learned english vocabularies, but, do not know how to use them due to lack of experience in usage. Or, it would be a possible companion for someone who is writing at a beginner's level.

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