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Скачать Routledge Spanish Dictionary of Business, Commerce and Finance: Spanish-English / Espaol-Ingls (Reupload) бесплатно

Muniz Castro, Emilio, "Routledge Spanish Dictionary of Business, Commerce and Finance: Spanish-English / Espaol-Ingls (Reupload)"
Publisher: Routledge | CD-ROM version | 1998 Year | language: english/spanish | ISBN 0415139694 | print version 856 pages | 39,6 MB

This CD-ROM provides some 100,000 terms and references and 4,000 abbreviations in English and Spanish drawn from a whole range of business, finance and banking terminology. Over 45 subject areas are covered, compiled by a team of international terminologists: Accountancy - Banking - Business Administration - Computing - Correspondence - Finance - Import & Export - Law - Management - Mathematics - Patents - Politics - Sales & Marketing - Taxation - Tourism - and many other fields.

Este diccionario de la serie "Routledge bilingual specialist dictionaries" contiene sobre 100.000 trminos tcnicos en las especialidades de negocios, finanzas y terminologa bancaria, tanto en ingls como en espaol. Cubre ms de 45 reas temticas.

The file is an iso image, burn it to a CD, then execute setup.exe from the CD.
Once installed, double clic on RTD.exe
(the path is xx:RxxBinRTD.exe, where xxxx are the letter and folder of your own hard disk)
It doesn't need any password, I have the complete installation.

El archivo es una imagen iso, se debe quemar a un CD, luego ejecutar setup.exe desde el CD.
Una vez instalado, ejecutar el archivo RTD.exe
(Se encuentra en la ruta xx:RxxBinRTD.exe, donde las xx representan la letra de unidad y nombre de la carpeta de la propia PC.
No necesita contrasea, testeado en la instalacin completa.[/center]


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