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Скачать Encyclopedia of School Psychology бесплатно

Steven W. Lee , "Encyclopedia of School Psychology "
Sage Publications, Inc (April 27, 2005) | ISBN: 0761930809 | 688 pages | PDF | 3,1 Mb

This encyclopedia comes at a time when the topics it addresses--among them Bullying and victimization, Cooperative learning, Learning styles, No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, and Reading interventions and strategies-- are at the forefront of American educational thought. Arranged A-Z, it contains more than 250 articles by 175 of the more influential school psychology scholars at all levels, from elementary school through university. A "Readers Guide" organizes the entries into categories such as "Demographic Variables," "Family and Parenting," "Multicultural Issues," and "Technology." The volume is extensively indexed, and the index is accurate, with well-placed cross-referencing. Each entry includes a list of cross-references to other entries along with references and other readings related to the topic.

The entries include some of the latest research on learning, motivation, and educational assessment. Some entries have a "Point Versus Counterpoint" feature that looks at both sides of a topic, such as the DARE program for drug prevention. Numerous tables help illustrate various concepts.

Although it shares some of the same contributors, this volume is not to be confused with Encyclopedia of School Psychology (Kluwer Academic, 2004). The Kluwer title is not indexed, making comparison difficult, but, based on a side-by-side look at entries covering the same topics, the Sage encyclopedia is the preferred choice because of its expanded content, layout, and added features, not to mention its indexing and lower cost. It is recommended for schools and academic and public libraries, especially those not owning the Kluwer volume.

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