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Скачать The History and Methodology of Law and Economics (Encyclopedia of Law and Economics , Vol 1) ($355.00 ) бесплатно

Gerrit De Geest, Boudewijn Bouckaert , "The History and Methodology of Law and Economics (Encyclopedia of Law and Economics , Vol 1)"
Edward Elgar Publishing (September 2000) | ISBN: 1858989841 | 4304 pages | PDF | 2,9 Mb

‘No area of the law has remained unexamined and untouched by economic analysis. This encyclopedia successfully meets its goal of providing to scholars and practitioners access to summary statements of the present status of the field of law and economics.’
– Richard A. Miller, American Reference Books Annual

‘This brilliant survey of relatively recent interdisciplinary field of study explains and analyses basic concepts, articulates a logical structure, and stimulates independent analysis. . . . Every article or topic is supported with nearly complete bibliographies of interdisciplinary publications. The
editorial board and board of referees are leading theorists, many of whom contributed articles to the volumes. . . . this encyclopedia belongs in every academic library’s reference collection.’
– H. Leskovac, Choice

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