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Скачать Magill's Encyclopedia of Science: Animal Life ($457.00) бесплатно

Carl W. Hoagstrom, "Magill's Encyclopedia of Science: Animal Life"
Salem Press (April 2002) | ISBN: 1587650193 | 1820 pages | PDF | 22,7 Mb

This illustrated encyclopedia is a major revision and update of the six-volume Magill's Survey of Science: Life Science, published in 1991. The contributors come from a variety of disciplines in the life sciences, and most are affiliated with academic institutions. There are 385 signed main entries, ranging in length from 1000 to 3000 words each; 108 articles are updates from the previous edition, while 277 are new entries. The entries cover a wide variety of topics related to animal life and include articles on subjects such as biodiversity and defense mechanisms as well as those on specific species or individual animals. Each entry begins with ready-reference information and a list of principal terms with definitions. Species entries include a sidebar listing basic facts such as classification, geographical location, habitat, life span, and the anatomical features that make the species unique. The arrangement is strictly alphabetical, which means that specific animals or animal groups are intermingled with general topics, issues, and concepts; "cloning" is followed by "cockroaches," for instance, and "elk" by "embryology." This arrangement functions well for the intended audience of high school, undergraduate, and general readers but could prove frustrating for the younger student preparing a report on a specific animal. The illustrations consist of black-and-white photographs and are neither as numerous nor as exciting as those in Facts on File's three-volume The Encyclopedia of Mammals or DK's one-volume Animal, either of which is a better choice for libraries needing an animal encyclopedia only. The strength of the Magill's set is its comprehensive coverage of animal life science generally, not just individual animals. A worthwhile purchase for libraries needing this type of reference.

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