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Скачать Encyclopedia of Television бесплатно

Encyclopedia of Television
Taylor and Francis (2004-10-07) | ISBN: 1579583946 | 2800 pages | PDF | 16.24 Mb

Television has developed from its beginnings in the early part of the 20th century to become an integral part of everyday life in today's society as a means of obtaining and communicating information as well as a form of entertainment. The new edition of the Encyclopedia of Television builds on the award-winning first edition that has been widely recognized and cited as the foremost reference work on the study of television. Incorporating almost 200 new entries and revisions of almost all of the original entries from the first edition, the second edition of the Encyclopedia not only focuses on the history and current state of television in today's society but looks to the future, exploring significant changes that have occurred in the economic, technological, and regulatory contexts in which television is produced, transmitted, and experienced.

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