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Скачать A Guide Book of United states Coins 2007 (60th Edition) бесплатно


by R. S. Yeoman"A Guide Book of United states Coins 2007 (60th Edition)"
ISBN:9780794820374 | 2006 Year | PDF | 416 Pages | 48,8 and 309 mb

The Red Book prices more than 6,000 coins, with nearly 30,000 individual values. Of course this comprehensive pricing isn't the only reason collectors have made the Red Book one of the top-selling nonfiction titles in publishing history. A solid foundation and 60 years of numismatic scholarship have built what many collectors call the Bible of the hobby - a single resource that teaches a little of everything about American coins; a reference jam-packed with facts and figures that researchers go back to time and time again. More than 700 new full-color photographs, updated mintages and coin values, new auction records, additional pattern pieces, expanded coverage of Civil War tokens, and the latest commemoratives, sets, and other coins. Full color throughout; illustrated.

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