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Скачать Buttaravoli, Stair Common Simple Emergencies [REPOST] бесплатно

Buttaravoli, Stair Common Simple Emergencies

Buttaravoli, Stair Common Simple Emergencies
Publisher: Brady (October 1984) | Language: English | ISBN-10: 0893033715 | 211 Pages | PDB | 516KB

This version edited by Daniel Bothma M.D., MDP(Cert), Registrar in Emergency Medicine.Common Simple Emergencies is also available on the Internet at www.ncemi.org , the National Centre for Emergency Medicine Informatics For the emergencies that are too minor to call an ambulance, too urgent to wait for an appointment, this highly practical text covers the emergency treatments and procedures you need to know about, but may have never learned about! Minor Emergencies: Splinters to Fractures covers the what-to-dos and what-NOT-to-dos of handling dozens of minor emergencies from bee stings to puncture wounds to fractures of the collarbone. This practical step-by-step guide is an essential reference for any office, clinic, urgent care centre, first aid station, or emergency department.

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