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Скачать Aryanpur-Kashani, Concise Persian-English Dictionary (1996) бесплатно

Abbas & Manoochehr Aryanpur-Kashani: Concise Persian-English Dictionary
1996 | Pages: 1440 | ISBN: 9780828817363 | PDF | ~ 320 MB

amazon.com review:

Great dictionary. Much better than old Haim. My copy even has little tabs for each letter of the alphabet to speed indexing. Entries have the English translation, Farsi synonyms, and even more important for the English student, many examples of Farsi usage. You can learn a lot from each example. You will find few words in the modern Persian press that aren't here.

The complete dictionary is scanned at 150 dpi, converted in pdf and each double page provided with bookmarks (the first entry of the double page, in Persian) for a quick alphabetical overview.

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