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Скачать Encyclopedia Of Judaism бесплатно

Sara E. Karesh, Mitchell M. Hurvitz, Encyclopedia Of Judaism
Facts on File | ISBN 0816054576 | 2005 | PDF | 5.2 MB | 641 pages

Encyclopedia of Judaism illustrates the history and civilization of the Jews across the millennia, and presents Judaism as a singular yet multifaceted religion. The Patriarchs, Matriarchs, and the other Israelites who people the Hebrew Bible, called the Tanakh, are considered to be the ancestors of the Jews, and the biblical Moses is considered the religion’s lawgiver. Jews today still identify so strongly with this heritage and history that most of them think of Abraham, Moses, and the rest as practicing Jews. However, Judaism in the modern world falls into the category of rabbinic Judaism, which evolved from biblical religion but is based on the traditions of the ancient rabbis of some 2,000 years ago.




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