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Скачать The Human Rights Encyclopedia (Sharpe Reference) бесплатно

James R. Lewis, "The Human Rights Encyclopedia (Sharpe Reference)"
M.E. Sharpe | 600 pages | 1999 | ISBN:0765680238 | PDF | 5.3 MB

Divided into two sections, the first covering human rights issues on a country by country basis, the second examining issues and individuals involved in human rights independent of nation, this three-volume set offers an overview of human rights and abuses thereof. Part one provides outlines of the history, society, and political make-up of 177 countries followed by details of the human rights problems there. Part two explore more thoroughly the issues of human rights, covering topics such as marriage and family, Native Americans, privacy, World Court, aging, anti- Semitism, and debt bondage. Appendices include texts of a variety of human rights documents and contact information for dozens of human rights organizations. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com)

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