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Скачать Encyclopedia of Hydrological Sciences бесплатно

Encyclopedia of Hydrological Sciences
John Wiley & Sons | 2005 | 3456 pages | ISBN: 0471491039 | PDF | English | 66 MB

With the increasing pressures on the availability and exploitation of fresh water resources through population increase, pollution and degradation of resources, and variations in distribution from regional and global change in the climate, compilation of knowledge in this area has become a prerequisite for education and training of practising and research hydrologists. The Encyclopedia of Hydrological Sciences is the definitive research level multi-volume treatment of this important topic.

Written and edited by leading worldwide authorities in the field, and comprising nearly 200 substantial articles, the Encyclopedia provides detailed, informed coverage of the subject. Organised into 17 themed parts for the reader's ease of navigation, it offers up-to-date, scientifically rigorous information on all key aspects of the subject, from sub-catchment to the global scale, in a convenient and credible manner.

* Written by over 200 contributors
* Available both in print and online
* Ideal for researchers in both academia and industry

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