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Скачать Concise Encyclopedia of Science & Technology, 5th. Edition бесплатно

Concise Encyclopedia of Science & Technology, 5th. Edition
Author: McGraw-Hill | Publisher: McGraw-Hill | ISBN: 0071429573 | 5th. Edition: 2004 | pdf, 2661 pages | language: english | 51,6 MB

This definitive reference offers you concise, authoritative, and up-to-date coverage of every major field of science and technology. In articles authored by scientists and engineers at the forefront of their fields (including 19 Nobel Prize winners), and written to be accessible to the general reader as well as the scientific user, this newly revised volume covers 75 major fields of science and engineering, including current and critical advances in fast-developing fields such as virology, genetics, computer science, and oceanography. Richly illustrated, it also features biographical sketches of the world's top scientists, a superb index, cross references, and bibliographies. No other reference offers scientists, researchers, students, and the interested public such definitive and inclusive coverage of science and technology in a single volume.

Written in clear, simple language understandable to students and general readers, yet with sufficient depth for scientists, educators, and researchers, this definitive resource provides:

7,300 concise articles covering disciplines of science and technology from acoustics to zoology
Extensively revised content with 3000+ new and rewritten articles
Current and critical advances in fast-developing fields such as biomedical science, chemistry, cosmology, information service, environmental science, nanotechnology, and physics
More than 1,600 two-color illustrations
Hundreds of tables and charts
1,300 biographical sketches of famous scientists
Index containingf 30,000 entries
Cross references to related articles
Appendix including Bibliographies

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