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Скачать Semiconductors: Data Handbook бесплатно

Semiconductors: Data Handbook
Springer / 3rd ed. (Jan 22, 2004) | 691 pages | ISBN: 3540404880 | PDF | 27Mb

The large handbooks in physics, chemistry and other disciplines contain data needed every day as well as additional equally important data needed only at longer time intervals. This volume contains the basic data and a full list of contents of the respective Landolt-Brnstein volumes from which the data were drawn. Hence the user is informed what additional information is held at his disposal in the more complete handbooks, i.e. this volume provides a bridge from the laboratory to the library. It contains data and further information about semiconducting substances. This Data Handbook is a updated and largely extended new edition of the book "Semiconductors: Basic Data". The data of the former edition have been updated and a complete representation of all relevant basic data is now given for all known groups of semiconducting materials.

The CD-ROM accompanying the handbook contains the electronic version of the printed handbook, the references for all data and additionally to the 240 figures of the printed version about 1000 further figures. Full text search is possible.

This is the CDROM version of the book ... Thanx to sharat_c


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