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Скачать Concise Dictionary of Biomedicine and Molecular Biology, Second Edition бесплатно

Pei-Show Juo "Concise Dictionary of Biomedicine and Molecular Biology, Second Edition"
CRC | ISBN 0849309409 | 2001-12-21 | PDF | 1168 pages | 8.5 MB

Rapid advances in science, medicine, and molecular biology have created a vast volume of new information on biomedicine and molecular biology. To account for the new terminology and to provide accurate characterizations of previously existing ones, Dictionary of Biomedicine and Molecular Biology has been revised and updated. This second edition provides concise definitions of terms used in biotechnology, molecular biology, and medicine. It also furnishes references on chemical structures and molecular weights of drugs, antibiotics, biochemical, environmental, natural, and DNA recombinant technology substances. The dictionary gives the corresponding generic name for each trade name of drugs and cross-references them with their chemical structure and it provides the medical and molecular abbreviations of terms commonly used in the scientific and medical community.

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