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Скачать Worldmark Encyclopedia of National Economies (4 Volume Set) бесплатно

Jeffrey Lehman, Rebecca Parks, «Worldmark Encyclopedia of National Economies (4 Volume Set)»
Thomson Gale | ISBN: 0787649554 | 2002-05 | 2000 pages | PDF | 50 Mb

Advances in technology continue to accelerate the pace at which people and companies are doing business with entities in foreign countries. As a result, the demand for comprehensive, up-to-date economic information about foreign companies has increased as well. The 4-vol. Worldmark Encyclopedia of National Economies satisfies this immediate need and provides students and business leaders with a thorough understanding of the current and historical economic development of foreign nations. Clearly arranged by country within broad geographic regions, the Worldmark Encyclopedia of National Economies provides accurate, in-depth analysis of each country's economic environment, reliable statistics on the country's current economic conditions and trends and key demographics of the nation's citizens. The approximately 200 entries each employ consistent organization allowing users to easily locate, compare and contrast data from one country to the next. Includes a glossary of terms, country index, maps, charts and graphs.
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