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Скачать Encyclopedia Britannica Ready Reference 2006 бесплатно

«Encyclopedia Britannica Ready Reference 2006»
ISBN: B000E4C8MA | (October 2005) | CD-ROM | 415 MB

Encyclopedia Britannica, the world€™s standard since 1768, is now easier to use and more accessible than ever. Britannica Ready Reference CD-ROM condenses 25,000 articles from the renowned 32-volume print set onto one CD-ROM to create an incomparably practical and powerful tool. Whether you€™re seeking homework help, satisfying your knack for facts, or locating quick research data for work €” answering your everyday questions has never been simpler.

Authoritative and Reliable

Count on Britannica€™s Ready Reference Encyclopedia to provide information that is not only current and compelling, but also trustworthy. For generations, families have relied on Encyclopedia Britannica for its authority and comprehensiveness. Now €” on one disc €” find 25,000 condensed articles, 2.6 million words, and 1,500 colorful photos and illustrations.

Some of the other features that make the Britannica Ready Reference Encyclopedia special:

Search & Browse: Smarter, easier, faster search; A-Z lists of articles and media for easy browsing; and results at over 150,000 Web sites selected by Britannica editors.
Research Organizer: Handy tools provide help in creating and typing notes, capturing pictures, and formatting reports.
Map Gallery: Click your way around the world and explore continents and nations through more than 190 colorful maps. All maps link to Britannica content.
Video Gallery: Learn about 20th Century events, European capitals, wildlife, and more with exciting, high-quality videos.
Merriam-Webster€™s Collegiate Dictionary: Get the right spelling and over 200,000 definitions with this complete dictionary resource.

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