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Скачать Encyclopedia of Interest Groups and Lobbyists in the United States бесплатно

Immanuel Ness, «Encyclopedia of Interest Groups and Lobbyists in the United States»
M.E. Sharpe | ISBN: 076568022X | 2000-02-28 | 600 pages | PDF | 8.8 Mb

This is the first comprehensive general reference on the major American interest groups. It provides vital information on the lobbies and special interest groups that dominate American politics today, and on the reasons for their power. Introduced by an informative overview covering the historical, legal, and political framework in which interest groups operate, the Encyclopedia describes thirteen recognized categories of interest groups in signed articles by experts in each area. Immediately following each article are A-Z entries on all the major interest groups in that category -- 172 entries in all. Each entry includes the name of the organization; membership and budget statistics; tables of donations to candidates in the 1996 and 1998 elections; the group's history and general legislative interests; its major successes and failures, and its lobbying activities. Appendices list the major interest groups in different categories ranked by donations, membership size, and budget, and are cross-referenced to the main entries. Lists of top officials and contact information and addresses are also included, along with a detailed bibliography and index.
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