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Скачать Pharmacotherapy Handbook бесплатно

Barbara G. Wells / Joseph T. DiPiro / Terry L. Schwinghammer / Cindy Hamilton, «Pharmacotherapy Handbook»
McGraw-Hill Medical | ISBN: 0071433228 | 6 edition (September 9, 2005) | 1170 pages | CHM | 10 Mb

The second edition of the Pharmacotherapy Handbook provides readers with a portable, readable guide that is integral to any clinical setting. Bold-face type highlights drug names when they first appear and in all closing information. The book's bulleted format helps readers find the information they need immediately. This updated book was designed as a companion text for the fourth edition Pharmacotherapy: A Pathophysiologic Approach, by DiPiro et al.

REVIEW -- Like Cliffnotes for DiPiro
I have used the Pharmacotherapy Handbook as a substitute for the large 3,000+ page DiPiro textbook required for my College of Pharmacy. Now I am able to read the required readings in a few hours, rather than a few days, and I still feel that I am getting the same core information. The best analogy I could think of, is that it is like CliffNotes for the DiPiro Textbook. Good book.
Thanks to the original uploader!




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