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Скачать BMA Complete Family Health Guide бесплатно

Michael Peters, Tony Smith, «BMA Complete Family Health Guide»
Dorling Kindersley Publishers | ISBN: 1405307196 | 2005-07-07 | 992 pages | PDF | 75 Mb

The essential medical reference that's a must for every home

"...detailed and decisive" The Times

Published in association with the BMA, the Family Health Guide is the most authoritative and up-to-date information every family needs to understand and participate in their own health care decisions. With comprehensive coverage of every important aspect of health and medicine, it's easy to use and ideal for at-a-glance information and reference.

* Features on medical genetics and what it means for your health
* Lists the best medical websites for further information and advice
* User-friendly charts help you to interpret your symptoms

With unrivalled coverage of all aspects of health and medicine including over 700 medical conditions, diagnostic and screening procedures, surgery, first aid, complementary therapies and preventive health care. Produced in association with the BMA, the most trusted authority in the field of medicine, this family health encyclopedia sets a new benchmark in medical reference guides.
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