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Скачать Encyclopedia of Public Relations бесплатно

Robert L. Heath, «Encyclopedia of Public Relations»
Sage Publications | ISBN: 0761927336 | 2004-10-12 | 1128 pages | PDF | 15 Mb

The Encyclopedia of Public Relations explores the evolution of the Public Relation field, with examples from history describing events, changing practices, and the key figures who developed and expanded the profession. This two-volume set is the first and most authoritative compilation of the subject and is a must-have for any library serving patrons in business, communication, and journalism.

The encyclopedia explores key challenges facing the profession of public relations and its practitioners, such as earning the trust and respect of critics and the general public. Opinions about PR are as diverse as the issues addressed by the people and organizations in the field. One good example is ethics (decision-making, creation of meaning, etc.), and the popular notion that many PR practitioners use their skills to deliberately misinform the public. In contrast, public relations professionals also have an integral role in social responsibility, such as notifying the public of climate or public health concerns. These volumes go into great depth about such ethical policies and challenges. In fact, the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) operates under a specific code of ethics—full details of which are included in an appendix.

The Encyclopedia of Public Relations has also been put together with the knowledge that PR does not exclusively reside in the United States. Major international figures, research, and organizations play a key part in the project. Led by renowned editor Robert Heath (University of Houston), with advisory editors and contributors from around the world, this set is designed to reach a wide array of readers who can serve as opinion leaders for improving the image and ethics of the practice. It is intended to be an honest but positively biased treatment of public relations, with an appreciative view of what public relations is and does.

Topics Covered

* Crisis Communications and Management
* Cyberspace
* Ethics
* Global Public Relation
* Groups
* History
* Jargon
* Management
* Media
* News
* Organizations
* Practitioners
* Relations
* Reports
* Research
* Theories and Models
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