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Скачать Encyclopedia of Mobile Computing and Commerce бесплатно

David Taniar (Editor), «Encyclopedia of Mobile Computing and Commerce»
IGI Global | ISBN 1599040026 | 2007-04-30 | PDF | 34 Mb | 1100 pages

Product Description
The Encyclopedia of Mobile Computing and Commerce is the leading reference source for innovative research on mobile applications and commerce. This two-volume encyclopedia set presents current trends in mobile computing and their potential use in business and commerce. Hundreds of internationally renowned scholars and practitioners have written comprehensive articles exploring the latest concepts, technologies, and innovations in this rapidly expanding field. Thousands of definitions and references to additional literature have been included to stimulate further research. The Encyclopedia of Mobile Computing and Commerce is an indispensable reference work for every academic, public, and private library.

About the Author
David Taniar received a Ph.D. degree in databases from Victoria University, Australia, in 1997. He is now a senior lecturer at Monash University, Australia. He has published more than 100 research articles and edited a number of books in the Web technology series. He is on the editorial board of a number of international journals in the fields of data warehousing and mining, business intelligence and data mining, mobile information systems, mobile multimedia, Web information systems, and Web and grid services. He has been elected as a fellow of the Institute for Management of Information Systems, UK.






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