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Скачать Encyclopedia of Native American Healing by William S. Lyon бесплатно

Encyclopedia of Native American Healing (Healing Arts) by William S. Lyon (Author)
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company (March 1998) | ISBN-10: 0393317358 | CHM | 4,5 Mb | 373 pages

Lyon (social welfare, Univ. of Kansas) here offers an excellent overview of shamanic healing, a topic that has been largely ignored in the reference literature. How Native Americans used medicinal plants is not treated, but to compensate Lyon includes an ethnobotany bibliography with 44 citations. Alphabetically arranged entries include the tribal origin of the topic as well as a culture area, which is keyed to the 15 maps so that readers can identify the location of a tribe's territory. One notable omission from the Southeast map is the Seminoles, whom the text repeatedly locates in that culture area. Recommended for academic collections in anthropology or Native American studies.

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