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Скачать Lee Goldman, Dennis Ausiello - Cecil Textbook of Medicine 22nd. Edition бесплатно

Lee Goldman, Dennis Ausiello - Cecil Textbook of Medicine 22nd. Edition
Editors: Lee Goldman, Dennis Ausiello | Publisher: Saunders 22nd. Edition | ISBN-10: 072169652X / 978-0721696522 | English | CHM, 2656 pages | Year 2004 | 187 MB

Cecil Textbook of Medicine has been one of the world’s most trusted medical references since its original publication in 1927. In the 22nd edition of this classic text, more than 450 renowned authorities present the very latest clinical knowledge. Here you’ll continue to find comprehensive coverage of the scientific foundations and biological basis of disease processes; an introduction to clinical practice protocols; current concepts of pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment -- all presented by distinguished experts. The core of the text continues to encompass the disorders of the major organ systems, including the approach to the patient, clinical manifestations, diagnostic procedures, and treatment strategies.

* A new section on clinical pharmacology provides sound theoretical basis for pharmacotherapy critical to medical practice
* 'Highlighted evidence-based references in therapy sections provide Grade A (randomized controlled trial) evidence for current therapeutic and management recommendations.
* The expanded oncology section provides thorough coverage of all key cancers, including completely new coverage of some cancers (eg, testicular cancer)
* Comprehensive coverage of pathogenesis (including molecular genetics), diagnosis, and therapy to explain the "why" behind the "how"
* Flow diagrams facilitating the best approach to diagnosis and treatment of the most common complaints and diseases.

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