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Скачать Radar Technology Encyclopedia бесплатно

Radar Technology Encyclopedia
Artech House Publishers (February 1997) | ISBN: 0890068933 | 511 Pages | 4.5 MB PDF

This is a single-source reference to thousands of terms and concepts related to radar, antenna, and microwave technology. Prepared by four recognized leaders in the field, the Radar Technology Encyclopedia covers every aspect of the technology, including systems, components, targets, performance features, environmental effects, and more.

More than 5,000 alphabetically arranged entries provide: clearly written, concise descriptions; listings of related terms; detailed equations and crystal-clear illustrations; and accurate, up-to-date references for more advanced research

Packed with data compiled over the entire 50-year span of radar technology, the reference also offers valuable information developed in Russia that has been virtually unavailable outside the country until now. Including 650 equations and over 800 line drawings, this is a much-needed fingertip reference.

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