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Скачать The Times Illustrated History of Europe by Felipe Fernandez-Armesto бесплатно

The Times Illustrated History of Europe
by Felipe Fernandez-Armesto

HarperCollins | ISBN 0723007241 | January 1996 | PDF | 223 Pages | English | 32.6 Mb

From Library Journal
With nearly 300 illustrations and full-color maps, this latest work from Oxford historian Fernandez-Armesto, editor of The Times Guide to the Peoples of Europe (Times Bks., 1994), is a fascinating companion volume to The Times Atlas of European History (HarperCollins, 1994). The author traces the cultural, social, and political evolution of Europe from its origins (c.10,000 B.C.) to the present day. The presentation is not a succession of facts and dates but a sweeping overview of European currents, interweaving art, ideology, and socioeconomic conditions. The narrative is very readable but would have been enhanced by chronologies similar to those used at the bottom of pages in The Harper Atlas of World History (HarperCollins, 1992. rev. ed.). While the absence of such chronologies may limit the usefulness of this publication as a reference tool, it is highly recommended for the history collections of most public and academic libraries.?Edward K. Werner, St. Lucie Cty. Lib. System, Ft. Pierce, Fla.
Copyright 1996 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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