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Скачать Patent, Copyright & Tademark: An Intellectual Property Desk Reference, 7th Edition бесплатно

Patent, Copyright & Tademark: An Intellectual Property Desk Reference | Stephen Elias, Richard Stim | 7th Edition | 1413301274 | PDF | 3.5 Mb

Whether you're an Edison, Faulkner or Gates,
you need Patent, Copyright & Trademark.
Intellectual property law has rapidly produced
its own language. But don't count on
understanding it right off the bat - the language
baffles lawyers and lay folk alike. Whether
you're an inventor, designer, writer or
programmer, you need to understand the language
of intellectual property law to intelligently
deal with such issues as:

who owns creative works or valuable information
how these owners can protect and enforce their
ownership rights
how disputes between intellectual-property owners
can be resolved
how ownership rights can best be transferred to
and many more

With this essential guide, you will:

-get clear and concise overviews of patent
copyright, trademark and trade secret law
-understand the different kinds of protection
offered by patents, copyrights, trademarks and
trade secrets - and which apply to your work
-get a plain-English definition of every term
you're likely to come across
-find the information you need, quickly and
easily - all entries are organized by topic and
extensively cross-referenced

Exhaustively updated, the 7th edition provides
expanded information on the Digital Millennium
Copyright Act, Madrid Protocol, Open Source, and
Copy Left movements, as well as the latest law and
court decisions that affect how you protect your
intellectual property.

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