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Скачать Toxicologist's Pocket Handbook бесплатно

Toxicologist's Pocket Handbook
Author: Michael J. Derelanko
Publisher: CRC
PDF | 256 pages | 2,1mb | English language | ISBN 0849300096

This scaled-down version of the bestselling CRC Handbook of Toxicology provides the most frequently used toxicology reference information in a convenient pocket-sized format allowing quick access to vital information, especially when traveling outside the lab or office. The Toxicologist's Pocket Handbook contains over 150 of the most frequently used tables and figures from the larger handbook, as well as a listing of the Risk Phrases used in the European Community. An abbreviated glossary of toxicological terms is also provided.

Dr Michael Derelanko has taken the almost thousand pages of the invaluable CRC Handbook of toxicology (edited by himself and Dr Manfred Hollinger) and pared it down to a 231 page notebook that is an essential desktop, laboratory or briefcase accessory for every toxicologist and allied health and safety professional.
The notebook is a compendium of over 150 fully referenced tables and figures of basic toxicological information, including a detailed table of contents listing all the tables and figures, and an abbreviated glossary of toxicological terms.

The format of the pocket handbook closely follows that of its parent tome, and anyone familiar with the large Handbook will find the layout and content of the sections in the pocket version reassuringly familiar. The titles of the sections are as follows: laboratory animals; acute/chronic toxicity; dermal toxicology; ocular toxicology; inhalation toxicology; neurotoxicology, immunotoxicology; carcinogenesis; reproductive/developmental toxicology, clinical pathology; risk assessment; regulatory toxicology; general information; glossary.

Major differences from the large Handbook include the lack of specific chapters covering genetic toxicology, renal toxicology, histopathology, metabolism and toxicokinetics. However some of the tables and figures from these chapters can be found in the general information section of the pocket Handbook. Similarly there has been a compression of the various chapters in the large Handbook dealing with EPA, TSCA, EEC, and USFDA regulations into a single regulatory toxicology section of the pocket version. Chapter 22 of the parent tome was a collection of tables of toxicological importance and these are now distributed throughout the relevant sections or retained in the general information section of the pocket version.

This little book is a valuable tool to anyone dealing with regulation of toxic substances or animal experimentation in general. It is an ideal companion to the CRC Handbook of toxicology.

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