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Скачать Recycling Advanced English бесплатно

Recycling Advanced English

Recycling Advanced English is for students at advanced level who wish to improve their general English and/or prepare for the Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) or the revised Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE). It can be used to supplement any coursebook at this level, and is suitable for use in the classroom, for homework, or (in the case of the With Key edition) for self-study.
The book aims to provide:
• coverage of the five main areas of difficulty at advanced level - grammar, phrasal verbs, vocabulary, word study and writing
• concise, clearly-presented explanations
• extensive practice of each point covered
• a strong element of recycling
• a user-friendly, attractive layout, so that the material is accessible and a pleasure to use
• a variety of exercise types which are not exam-specific
• examples of all the CAE and revised CPE task-types for Papers 2 and 3
• an appendix of useful reference material.

Recycling Advanced English is divided into five distinct sections:
Section 1 GRAMMAR (25 units)
This large section aims to cover all the major grammatical points at advanced level, with practice and revision exercises for consolidation.
Section 2 PHRASAL VERBS (15 units)
In this section, phrasal verbs are grouped according to their particle, and there is also a focus on three-part phrasal verbs and phrasal verbs as nouns, with extensive practice in varying formats.
Section 3 VOCABULARY (22 units)
Here there are texts and tasks presenting and practising vocabulary from key topics which regularly occur in advanced classwork and examination syllabuses.
Section 4 WORD STUDY (17 units)
This section attempts to get beneath the surface of the language and to delve deeper into the linguistic areas which cause difficulties for the advanced learner, such as idioms, false friends, humour and collocations. Recycling Units are an important element in Sections 1 - 4, providing consolidation of each block of preceding units. It is therefore advisable to use the Recycling units in the order in which they appear.
Section 5 WRITING (11 units)
This section offers guidance on a number of different writing tasks and styles, with appropriate phrases to learn, as well as practice exercises. All the types of composition required for CAE and revised CPE are covered, with model answers in the Appendix. There is also a unit of tips on writing, and additional writing tasks for extra practice.
The APPENDIX provides additional grammar reference material and model answers for writing tasks.

Автор: Clare West
Название: Recycling Advanced English
Издательство: Georgian Press (Jersey) Ltd
Год выпуска: 2007
Формат: pdf
Страниц: 272
Размер: 9,84 MB
Язык: Английский

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