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Скачать CAE Practice Tests - Oxford University Press бесплатно

CAE Practice Tests by Oxford
Five complete practice tests for the CAE.
Key features:
The authors have used their specialist knowledge of the CAE exam to provide practice exam questions which genuinely replicate the real test papers.
Each reading text is taken from a different source, giving students experience in coping with the widest variety of authentic material.
Photocopiable answer sheets give students practice in transferring their answers from the test paper.
The With Answers edition helps teachers and students learn about the mark scheme through detailed notes and real examples of student composition.
I have scanned and uploaded the book with answers and tapescripts to my website. There are the audio files in a separate zip file as well:

Скачать Cambridge Certificate In Advanced English - 4 бесплатно

Cambridge Certificate In Advanced English - 4

Данный сборник предназначен для студентов с очень хорошими знаниями английского, кто планирует сдавать языковой экзамен Кембрижского университета (UCLES – University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate; CAE – Certificate of Advanced English). CAE-экзамен состоит из 5 частей: чтение (1час 15 минут), письмо (2часа), English in use (1час 30 минут), слушанье (45 минут), речь и произношение (15мин.). В данном сборнике Вам представлены 4 различных теста, которые охватывают все эти направления теста.

Audio reuploaded

See also:
Teacher's Book

Скачать The Cambridge CAE Course Student's Book бесплатно

The Cambridge CAE Course Student's Book

А это - для тех, кто любит экзамены посложнее и хотел бы иметь у себя на стенке в рамочке сертификат о сдаче экзамена CAE :)

The Cambridge CAE Course focuses on other areas of language such as pronunciation, vocabulary extension, functional language and style. The Self-study Student’s Book contains introductory notes on the CAE papers and self-study techniques, together with annotated keys and tapescripts.

Скачать CAE Writing Skills бесплатно

CAE Writing Skills

Great and thorough writing activities and very good explanations while preparing or teaching for CAE. Prepares for all task types.

CAE Writing Skills combines creative practice of writing skills with systematic training for Paper 2. It contains varied activities designed to develop planning, checking and revising techniques while providing key language practice. Practical tasks throughout the units train students in writing for specific contexts.

Скачать CAE Reading Skills бесплатно


CAE Reading Skills
CAE Reading Skills
One of the best reading materials and activities I have ever come across. Great when preparing or teaching for CAE.

CAE Reading Skills helps students to develop the general skills necessary for the CAE Paper 1 and, at the same time, familiarizes them with the different task types that they will encounter in this part of the exam. Section A of each unit concentrates on a different Paper 1 exercise format, whereas Section B concentrates on the development of general strategies such as reading for gist.

Скачать Focus on Advanced English CAE Student's Book бесплатно

Focus on Advanced English CAE Student's Book

14 units covering a wide variety of stimulating topics *authentic reading texts from a range of sources *systematic development of all skills needed for CAE *thorough practice for each paper in the exam *Language and Learning Focus sections providing a learner training element *Grammar File with detailed information on all points covered in the units *Writing File with model text types and useful language

Скачать CAE Practice Tests Plus бесплатно

CAE Practice Tests Plus 1

Тесты для подготовки к экзамену CAE (Cambridge of Advanced English).

Give your students all the exam practice they need using the Practice Tests Plus series. Each book has complete practice exams, accurate to the exam level and format, as well as useful tips to enhance your students’ chance of exam success.

BOOK ADDED! Thanks to argyre !
NEW: Full scan and OCRed version added due to jaybeere

Скачать Common Mistakes at CAE бесплатно

Common Mistakes at CAE
... and how to avoid them

This invaluable little book highlights the real mistakes that students make in the CAE exam and shows how to avoid them. Based on the analysis of thousands of actual exam scripts in the Cambridge Learner Corpus, each unit focuses on a key problem area. Clear explanations and varied CAE-style exercises help learners to use the language accurately. Regular tests offer learners a further opportunity to check and consolidate what they have learnt.

Скачать CAE Testbuilder бесплатно

CAE Testbuilder
CAE Testbuilder has been designed to improve exam performance and increase language competence for success in the Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English (CAE) exam.

Four complete practice tests

Thorough preparation for the CAE exam

Full range of typical CAE-type tasks.
Further Practice and Guidance pages
Provide test-specific exercises to develop confidence and exam techniques
Offer support for each part of every paper
Focus on common problem areas
Include a guided analysis of sample answers for Paper 2.
With and Without Key editions available
The With Key edition provides explanations as to an answer is correct and the other answers are wrong. This helps students understand their own problem areas and see what they need to focus on in order to improve.
I have scanned only Reading and English in Use sections.
Audio added by yatzirig!

Скачать Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English 6 [Audio, Coursebook] бесплатно

Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English 6

Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English 6 Student's Book contains four complete past papers for the Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) examination from Cambridge ESOL. These genuine past examination papers provide candidates with an excellent opportunity to familiarise themselves with the content and format of the CAE examination and to practise examination techniques. Attractive colour visual material for Paper 5 is included with each test, enabling students to prepare thoroughly for the paired interview (Paper 5). The 'with answers' edition includes guidance on the interview (Paper 5) as well as answer keys, tapescripts and model compositions. The accompanying Cassette/CD Set contains the recorded material for the aural component of the exam (Paper 4). The Self-study Pack contains the Student's Book with answers and Audio CDs.

initially posted 2007-03-31
updated (book added by argyre) 2007-08-06