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Скачать Fiske Nailing the New SAT бесплатно

Автор: Edward B. Fiske, Bruce G. Hammond
Издательство: Sourcebooks, Inc.
Размер файла: 2,27 MB
Формат Файла: rar'd pdf

Find out your best test-taking strategy for maximizing success.

Fiske Nailing the New SAT is the only SAT prep bok that skips the test-prep fluff and cuts to the heart of the SAT. Expert instruction hlps you undersand the test-maker's tricks, plus Fiske's specially designed advanced practice tests help you master the most difficult questions you will find on the test.

* Boost your score by mastering the toughest problems * Learn how to confidently eliminate wrong answers * Why taking a popular test-prep class might lower your score * Analyze your performance with in-depth answer explanations * Real advice from top-scoring students coast-to-coast * Proven methods to learn more and retain it longer * Why the new Math section isn't really about math * How the Writing section could be your key to a higher score

Includes Fiske's exclusive advanced practice tests



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