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Скачать Going for GOLD: Upper-Intermediate (Language Maximiser Audio CD) бесплатно

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Going for GOLD: Upper-Intermediate (Language Maximiser Audio CD)

Going for GOLD: Upper-Intermediate (Language Maximiser Audio CD)

Going for Gold
sets students firmly on the road to PET and FCE exam success with a gentle introduction to exam tasks graded throughout the course.
  • Your lessons will appeal to a wide range of students, with enjoyable topics and strong emphasis on personalisation
  • Reassure your students with thorough language and skills training, regular progress checks as well as solid grammar and writing reference sections
  • Keep your classes focused and enjoyable with the photocopiable activities, teaching notes, tests and exam information boxes in the Teacher’s Book

For extensive PET courses, use the Intermediate Coursebook alongside the PET Gold Exam Maximiser. At pre-FCE level, Upper Intermediate is the perfect lead-in to New First Certificate Gold.


Language Maximiser (a.k.a. WORKBOOK) CD + cd cover/tracklist

Размер файла: 34.7 MB (rared) / 50.3 MB (unrared)

Формат Файла: MP3 - 320 kbps, 44 kHz


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