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Скачать First Certificate Practise Tests бесплатно

Автор: Mark Harrison, Rosalie Kerr
Издательство: Oxford University Press, 1996
Размер файла: 88.7 Mb - 133 Mb
Формат Файла: pdf /Audio

This book contains five complete practice tests for the revised First Certificate in English (FCE), Cambridge Level 3. Developed by experienced writers, the tests accurately reflect the coverage and level of the real examination. Each of the texts in Papers 1 and 3 has been taken from a different source, in order to include examples of the wide variety of text types that you may find in the actual examination.

Paper 1 Reading (1 hour 15 minutes)
In this paper, there are four parts and 35 questions in all. Reading texts are taken from a range of sources, including newspapers, magazines, leaflets, brochures, advertisements or books. Note that in Part 2 the text may also be taken from a short story, novel, biography or autobiography.

Paper 2 Writing (1 hour 30 minutes)
This paper has two parts of equal importance. Part 1 is a compulsory task for all candidates. In Part 2. you must select one task from a choice of four. For each part, you will be expected to write between 120 and 180 words. making a total of between 240 and 360 words for the whole paper.

Paper 3 Use of English
(1 hour 15 minutes)
In this paper, there are five parts and 65 questions in all, the texts are taken from a variety of sources, including newspapers and magazine artickles. Texts for Part 4 may also be letters, reports or stories andmay include the language of description or opinion.

Paper 4 Listening (about 44 minutas)
The liming test lasts approximately 35 minutes. You are then given  5 minutes to transfer your answers sheet.
There are 4 parts and 30 questions in all.

Paper 5 Speaking (about 14 minutes for two candidates)
Thispaper consists of 4 parts and the tasks focus on giving and exchanging information and opinions.
PREVIEW  ( Reduced Pdf)
First Certificate Practise Tests
First Certificate Practise Tests

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